The Hub at Move Central

The Hub at Move Central

The franchise concept at Ferguson Moving & Storage is built around one key, unique differentiator – a centralized sales center. Unlike most moving business models, we believe our Franchise Partners should be out in their communities, executing on our proven marketing and business development systems –  not a slave to their phones. What started as an idea just to manage the inbound calls for our Franchise Partners has turned into what our owners refer to as the core of their day-to-day operation and a major contributor to scaling their locations and helping them manage a healthy work/life balance. So what does the sales center actually do and accomplish for our Franchise Partners? Let’s take a look!

Inbound Sales

The Ferguson Moving & Storage Marketing systems work and are designed to get your phone ringing. Once they do, The Hub takes over and is responsible for handling inbound customer calls and converting them to estimates on your behalf 7 days a week.

Booking Move Estimates

Answering calls is only half the battle. Our highly trained sales experts at The Hub approach every inquiry with one goal in mind – Booking an estimate! As touched on, we want you as a Franchise Partner building relationships in your community, delivering a world class moving experience and conducting as many estimates as you can in order to build and grow your business.


With a sophisticated back end and managing inbound calls for multiple locations we are able to track everything! Not only does The Hub take an incredible amount of work off of our Franchise Partners’ plates, but this centralized model also allows us to monitor tremendously valuable information. This enables  you as a franchise owner to get real time insight into your business and work with our coaches to find opportunities to continue to optimize and grow a healthy profitable business!

The moving industry is fragmented and unsophisticated – this has made our mission simple.  Find the choke points in the business model and add levels of technology, automation and sophistication that allow our franchise locations to run circles around the competition in their markets.

About Ferguson Moving & Storage

Ferguson Moving & Storage has been moving customers successfully for more than 100+ years and continues to grow and develop it’s brand which is recognized as one of the ‘trusted names’ in the Moving Industry. We continually strive for excellence in our endeavor to maintain our status as a leading name in the Moving Industry.