What if I have never owned a business before?

Not a problem! Our goal in franchising is to offer mentorship to all levels of entrepreneurs. Wether this is your first business or your 10th we are here to support you achieve your business goals.

What if I don’t know anything about moving or storage?

You don’t need to! Were looking for hungry and driven individuals that want to take the entrepreneurial journey with us. We have been in the moving industry for 100+ years  and we will train and mentor you on all everything involved in a moving and storage business.

How does the Sales Center help my business?

We provide a centrallized Sales Center to all of our franchise partners. The whole goal of the sales center is to save you time and money while also increasing your customers experience. Have you ever tried to talk to a customer while you are driving or while you’re on the go? We have dedicated agents ready to handle all of your inbound leads.

How do I get sales?

We have a proven sales system that we will train you one once you sign your franchise agreement. High level, the focus is to drive leads to our centrailzied call center, utilize our CRM and quoting software to create and present professional quotes, and book jobs on your schedule.

How do territories work?

Our territories are defined using mapping software and consist of a set of postal or zip codes. During our franchise discovery process we will work with you to create a territory in your local market. We offer 2 different territory types depending on the population of residents living in your market.

How is a franchise different from starting my own business?

The biggest difference between franchised businesses and starting your own business is the ability to leverage past learnings and utilze proven systems and processes. You also get to leverage the Ferguson Moving and Storage brand and join a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

What kind of training do you provide?

Our training starts the monument you sign your franchise agreement. We will be with you every step of the way and will utlize a combination of digital, pre-recorded, in person and group training methods. We will train you how to: Sell moving services, Operate a moving company, hire your 1st movers, and other topics to help you scale your business.

Do I need to have all of the capital upfront?

Yes. Learning to source financing is an important part of the entrepreneurial process. All successful entrepreneurs will go through this process to some severity during their entrepreneurial career. Funds can be securred through various sources such as savings, borrowing from friends and family, leveraging financial institutions, and others.